We are on the Ferry between Puttgarden and Rödby in Denmark. It’s 4.30 in the morning. We don’t look like we use to. Coffa could be Jonas or even a man from Finland, building a new sauna.
We have left a pair of underwear in every city we went to during this tour. If you find them, you can keep them. Over and out!


I don’t know what to think about this city. I like the neat houses and that it has an air of Venice (except for the coffee houses and the naked women in the windows of course).

Today I’ve been doing some shopping on my own. I don’t now what the guys are doing but we’re suppose to meet at Dwaze Zaken at 6 pm for dinner. Then sound check and gig. It seems like a very nice venue so this will be great as we are doing our last gig on this tour. I’m longing for my bed and bath room now 🙂

Groet Annis

To Berlin with love

Hey, you seducing city!

We are so thankfull we had the possability to spend two days with you. We experienced everything that is beautiful with you, the spirit and the openmindness among the people who lives with you, the graffiti, the ugliness, that we were allowed to drink beer on the street, I could go on and on…

One thing is sure, we’ll be back…very soon!
With love,

Creepy box

Yes, that’s the name of our apartment in Berlin. It’s even worse than it sounds! We all needed ”a couple” of drinks before we could go to bed.


After we had breakfast with Peter and Leni and the Americans, we’ll leave The Netherlands for a couple of days. Next stop is Berlin. We have a day off so we decided to go sightseeing and then there’s party tonight.

Yesterday was fantastic! Great company and the radio session was interesting. I was nervous but I think it went quite well. You can listen to it next Wednesday at Folk En Zo. More details soon.

Auf Wiederzehn, Annis

Lots of Sceletons behind the stage yesterday. Scary!

At Peter & Leni’s house

Wow, we have the best of times! Right now we are in The Netherlands, in the middle of nowhere. Relaxing in our rooms. We’re doing a stop at radio host Peter and his wife Leni’s beautiful home just outside of Bad Nieuweschans. There are also a nice couple from Vermount staying here. Between 8 – 9 pm we are doing a radio session in front of a live audience. But first – Dinner with everybody.

Just outside this evenings venue. Cozy!

Close to Dusseldorf

We had hamburgers twice today. Life on the road 🙂
We also had a great gig . Walter @ McMullers was the perfect host. He also brewing his own beer in the same area where we played. Very interesting! The guys in my band enjoyed that a lot but me myself is not so into beer so I played safe with a cidre. Guten abend unt proust from Annis


After a soft day at our hotel, we went to Music Star for a sound check. What a cool place and the people there, Wolfgang and Ulf and the women at the cafe next to. Sweet and devoted folks! 🙂 Our gig went very well and afterwards we talked to a lot of nice people and almost everyone bought a copy of my cd. So I hope they’ll spread the word because after this perfect evening we are now ready to do a lot more tours in Germany in the future. Peace!

The dark trip

We drove all night from Stockholm to Hamburg. The car was overloaded with stuff and as I was driving I looked in the rearview mirror and among the guitars, cd’s and bags I could only see a beard. That was Coffa, the bass player. I was laughing my ass off. That sight was too much!

As we arrived 5.30 in the morning, we got access to only one room so we crashed on the floor and everywhere, all exhausted!

Here’s a photo from the ”öresundsbron” and one from the floor were Jonas slept 🙂