Santiago De Compostela

I recently came back from my pilgrimage in Spain. I’ve had two amazing weeks when hiking the 280 km of The Camino de Santiago.

I now really miss the early mornings, with the beautiful sunrises. For every new day, to not know what I was going to see, or what kind of people I was going to meet. I miss the sporadic conversations that could start one day, and continue two days later when you ran into each other again. I met people from Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and Denmark. They were great! But the most awesome folks came from Portland, USA 🙂

I learned that I enjoy to walk long distances. What I don’t miss, is the food, blisters and the Albergues. Amen 🙂

Here’s some photos from my trip…

IMG_7750  IMG_7777  IMG_7814  IMG_8023IMG_7793  IMG_7803  IMG_7802IMG_7893IMG_7932IMG_7961 IMG_7916  IMG_7964    IMG_8042 IMG_8044  IMG_8088  IMG_8156 IMG_8162 IMG_8173 IMG_8209