Palio, Nia dance and a couple of G and T’s

I’ve had a great time in Italy with the love of my life. After a rather busy summer with many gigs around a rainy and cold Sweden, it was terrific to relax in a sunny Tuscany/Umbria.

We were at a couple of nice parties, we danced some Nia dance classes by the pool, me, Sylvianita, Angela, Antonella and a bunch of other new friends, enjoyed a couple of G and T’s and whiskey’s on the terrace, socialized with our nice and interesting neighbors.
One day we ended up at Ikea in Florence, eating Swedish meatballs (whoops, that was supposed to be a secret).
Anyway, we had a fantastic time! Arrivederci Italy – Hej Sverige!
 Photos from the Palio di Siena.
”Nicchio” was the contrade  of my father in law. Unfortunately they lost this year.