Back in business!

I’m back in Stockholm and Sweden after a really nice vacation. I’v had a couple of gigs this week.
I started in Örebro and Conventum. That was so much fun with lots of musician colleagues, Stand up comedians and Dj’s from Stockholm, Dalarna and so on…Did I mention all the 1400 people from Autoexpert who was partying? A great evening!

Just when I came to the hotel the fire alarm went crazy and everybody gathered in the lobby, all dressed in Pj’s and their dressing gown. In the middle of this chaos, the comedians were sitting with a toast. I believe it was the toast that trigged the fire alarm. I said to one of the Polices that they should interrogate one of the comedians and we were laughing our asses off! 🙂

Right now I’m @Absint, Clarion hotels fine restaurant in Gävle. I love this kind of gigs when people are relaxed and eating great food, listening to me when I play my favourite songs.

That’s all from me!

Have a beautiful weekend everybody! Love Annis


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