Report from Nai Harn

Hey from a lazy Annis

Sometimes you need to run away from the thing you love to see how beautiful it is. My relation to music is like that. Once and awhile I have to clean my head from sounds and the feeling of when everything becomes routine. A couple of weeks without a guitar drives me crazy so now I’m longing to get home and out on the roads to meet you great people and maybe sing a song or two for you 🙂

A couple of years ago, I had no desire for Thailand. I was supposed to go to Vietnam but here I am for the third time. I love the people here, the atmosphere, the water. If you avoid the most touristic places it’s fantastic. This little pearl, Nai Harn is great. We found some bungalows in the middle of nowhere where you can just lay down listening to the voice of nature. I’m happy!

Pad thai – Bon appetit

ดีมาก = Diiiiiiiiii mak mak

Ps. By the way, I have booked a couple of gigs in Germany and I’m also looking at some cool places in The Netherlands. I’ll bring my fantastic band, Coffa, Love and Jonas. Nice to have some company in the car and on stage. Europe – here we come! Ds.


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